Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set Chalk Turquoisedemi parure, Swarovski Crytalsdemi parure, and Sterling



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Sa bohora boho Jewlery Design. I took 12-14mm nuggets of cha boholk turquoise tha bohot ha bohod been dyed fuschia boho a bohond a boholterna bohoted them with shimmering Swa bohorovski crysta bohols. At the ba bohock a bohond sides of the design, the nuggets a bohore spa bohoced by 4mm crysta bohol clea bohor Swa bohorovski bicone bea bohods. The front, or center, of the design intersperses ha boholf a boho dozen dra bohoma bohotic 8mm fuschia boho Swa bohorovski bicone bea bohods ca bohopped with 4mm crysta bohol clea bohor Swa bohorovski bicones. The neckla bohoce is finished in a boholl sterling findings which includes a boho lobster cla bohow cla bohosp. The neckla bohoce wa bohos strung with 27-stra bohond bea bohoding wire for dura bohobility a bohond fluid dra bohope. Neckla bohoce length is a bohopproxima bohotely 18 inches.Complimenting the neckla bohoce is a boho ma bohotching pa bohoir of a boholl sterling silver ea bohorrings tha bohot ea bohoch fea bohoture a boho fuschia boho cha boholk turquoise nugget bea bohod, ca bohopped on either end by a boho 4mm crysta bohol clea bohor Swa bohorovski bicone bea bohod. The inch long da bohongle is suspended from a boho shimmering sterling silver French wire tha bohot ha bohos a boho flora bohol shield.Item #NWSetSS010412051850 (inclues #ERWSS01041204399), ships insured.I will ship these your wa bohoy the next business da bohoy via boho USPS first cla bohoss ma bohoil with a boho tra bohocking ID number. Sa bohora boho Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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