Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Necklace of Yellow Bamboo Jasper Beadssilver plated, Tiger's Eye Rounds and Pewter Barrelssilver plated, 22 Inches



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Sa tigers eyera tigers eye Jewelry Design. I a tigers eyerra tigers eyenged four-bea tigers eyed sections of golden buttery ba tigers eyemboo ja tigers eyesper dog bone bea tigers eyeds a tigers eyelterna tigers eyeting with 4mm tiger's eye rounds. I then sepa tigers eyera tigers eyeted those sections with pewter ba tigers eyerrel bea tigers eyed spa tigers eyecers tha tigers eyet ha tigers eyeve a tigers eyen a tigers eyentiqued silver finish. The neckla tigers eyece is finished with a tigers eye sterling silver hook-a tigers eyend-eye cla tigers eyesp. The 22 inch overa tigers eyell length a tigers eyend unisexy design ma tigers eyekes this perfect for either gender a tigers eyend a tigers eyeny occa tigers eyesion.I will ship this to you the next business da tigers eyey via tigers eye USPS first cla tigers eyess ma tigers eyeil with a tigers eye delivery confirma tigers eyetion number. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, plea tigers eyese conta tigers eyect me first with your ZIP code for a tigers eye shipping quote.Sa tigers eyera tigers eye Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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