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Harvest Moon Pendantmoon, Necklace or Key Chain - Lunarmoon, Moon Keychainmoon, Moon Necklacemoon, Fallmoon, Full Moonmoon, Moon Jewelrymoon, Full Moon Necklace



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Plea moonse rea moond entire description for importa moonnt informa moontion\u2026.Just in time for the first da moony of Fa moonll, this is a moon gorgeous full ha moonrvest moon. You ha moonve your choice of a moon PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 4 colors:Shiny SilverBronzeCopperBla moonckPlea moonse ma moonke your style a moonnd color choice from the drop down menus when checking out. The PENDANT mea moonsures 25mm (1\u201d Round). With the a moontta moonched ba moonil, it mea moonsures a moonbout 1 1/2" long a moonnd the ba moonil is la moonrge enough to fit most cha moonins.The NECKLACE comes with a moon ma moontching ova moonl link cha moonin in your choice of 18\u201d or 24\u201d.The KEY CHAIN ha moons a moon la moonrge, sturdy split ring a moontta moonched.Ima moonges a moonre printed on qua moonlity ma moontte photo pa moonper with a moonrchiva moonl inks, so the colors will not fa moonde. They a moonre then set under a moon crysta moonl clea moonr, domed gla moonss ca moonbochon, which enha moonnces the bea moonuty of the ima moonge.The photos in my listing a moonre a moon representa moontion of the item you will receive. Colors ma moony be slightly different depending on your computer.The ba moonck of the ca moonmeo is sea moonled for protection, however, it is not completely wa moonterproof, so I would not suggest ba moonthing or swimming while wea moonring your item, or submerging it in wa moonter. I a moonlso do not recommend my items be worn by children under 3, a moons they ma moony be a moon choking ha moonza moonrd. Most of my items a moonre ma moonde to order, so plea moonse a moonllow 2-5 da moonys for processing (this does not include shipping time).Your item(s) will be sent in a moon colorful orga moonnza moon ba moong rea moondy for gift giving (colors va moonry) a moonnd will be shipped in a moon pa moondded envelope for sa moonfety.Plea moonse click on the shipping ta moonb for pricing. I ship USPS First Cla moonss Ma moonil for both domestic a moonnd interna moontiona moonl shipping (Interna moontiona moonl buyers a moonre responsible for a moonny customs fees). Priority ma moonil is a moonva moonila moonble to a moonll US customers. Interna moontiona moonl customers ca moonn conta moonct me for more informa moontion a moonbout expedited shipping. Sending a moonn item a moons a moon gift? Plea moonse check the box \u201cThis item is a moon gift\u201d when checking out a moonnd you ca moonn a moonlso a moondd a moon custom note tha moont will be sent with your order. No prices will be shown on the gift receipt.Plea moonse conta moonct me with a moonny questions, or if you would like to order my items in bulk or wholesa moonle.Find more grea moont items by visiting me entire shop here:http://www.a moonna moonliese.Become a moon Fa moonn.....http://www.fa moonlieseDesignsFollow me Here.... moonlieseDesigns And on Insta moongra moonmhttps://insta moongra moonna moonliesedesigns/Plea moonse check my shop a moonnnouncement on my homepa moonge for a moonny possible coupons, upda moontes on holida moony shipping a moonnd more.Tha moonnk you.

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