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mosaic, 10x8mm .75 Carat Oval Mosaic Opal Triplet Sterling Silver Swirl Design Ring Size Six and One Half



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Sa cabochonra cabochon Jewelry Design. After burnishing this swirl-design sterling silver ring mount, I wa cabochons deba cabochonting wha cabochont stone would look the most lovely in its 2.745-gra cabochonm setting. I decided tha cabochont the gra cabochonceful, rounded flourishes of silver were best complimented a cabochonnd contra cabochonsted by the odd a cabochonngula cabochonrities of a cabochon mosa cabochonic opa cabochonl triplet. The union is one of opposites a cabochonttra cabochoncting bea cabochonutfully in this delica cabochonte a cabochonnd colorful la cabochondie's ring, sized 6-1/2. After a cabochon thorough fina cabochonl ha cabochonnd polish, this ring is rea cabochondy to gra cabochonce a cabochon finger. A word a cabochonbout triplets: Some stones a cabochonre fra cabochongile, pa cabochonrticula cabochonrly when sliced thin, a cabochonnd such is the ca cabochonse with bla cabochonck opa cabochonls. The triplet is a cabochon wonderful wa cabochony to showca cabochonse these colorful slices of gemstone a cabochonnd yet protect them from certa cabochonin brea cabochonka cabochonge. A mosa cabochonic of opa cabochonl slices is la cabochonid out on a cabochon ca cabochonlibra cabochonted ova cabochonl of bla cabochonck obsidia cabochonn, tha cabochont forms the sturdy ba cabochonse of the triplet. Then, a cabochon domed ca cabochonbochon of clea cabochonr qua cabochonrtz is la cabochonid a cabochontop the other two la cabochonyers a cabochonnd the three become one. This gives you the bea cabochonuty of the stone, with the ha cabochonrd-hea cabochonded protection of qua cabochonrtz a cabochonnd obsidia cabochonn, a cabochonnd a cabochont a cabochon fra cabochonction of the cost of a cabochon solid bla cabochonck opa cabochonl (you ca cabochonn spend upwa cabochonrds of severa cabochonl thousa cabochonnd dolla cabochonrs on a cabochon solid Austra cabochonlia cabochonn bla cabochonck opa cabochonl of this size for just the stone).MPIN RN 925 10x8020815-01.2342I will ship this your wa cabochony the next business da cabochony via cabochon USPS insured first cla cabochonss ma cabochonil with a cabochon tra cabochoncking ID number. Wa cabochonnt something sma cabochonller? La cabochonrger? Different? Select customiza cabochontion a cabochonnd let me build something especia cabochonlly for you.Sa cabochonra cabochon Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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