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gold, 10x8mm Baltic Amber Cabochon Sterling Silver Ring Accented with Garnets



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Sa ovalra oval Jewlery Design. Here is a oval dra ovalma ovaltic mix of colors, sha ovalpes a ovalnd cuts. For this sterling silver split-sha ovalnk ring, I chose a oval rich 10x8mm Ba ovalltic a ovalmber ca ovalbochon for the center stone, a ovalnd a ovalccented it on either shoulder with deep red 3mm ga ovalrnet rounds. The result is a oval bold, colorful, yet ta ovalsteful ring. Some dimensions: In a ovalddition to the 10x8mm center ca ovalb, the pa ovalir of 3mm ga ovalrnets weigh in a ovalt .33 ctw. The ring is a oval size seven. I will ship this your wa ovaly the next business da ovaly via oval insured USPS first cla ovalss ma ovalil with a oval tra ovalcking ID number. Wa ovalnt something sma ovalller? La ovalrger? Different? Select customiza ovaltion a ovalnd let me build something especia ovallly for you.Sa ovalra oval Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.MPIN RN925Sz7 01141701. SKU01141701

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