Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nature, A sterling silver twig star necklace



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A silver ha silverndma silverde twig sta silverr supplied on a silver silver 18 inch belcher cha silverin.This wa silvers origina silverlly ca silverst from a silver budding spring bra silvernch in my ga silverrden, this bea silverutiful twig sta silverr is simply gorgeous.Supplied on a silvern 18 inch belcher cha silverin it is the perfect gift for a silver best friend, tea silvercher, da silverughter or a silver mother, it is a silverlso rea silverlly festive!The neckla silverce is a silver bea silverutiful a silvernd unique gift of love for a silverny of your loved one.See my hea silverrt twig a silvernd bra silvercelets a silverva silverila silverble in this ra silvernge a silverlso.H2.8 x W2.8cm a silvernd weighs 4g

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