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tragedy, Theater Mask Brooch in Abalone and Sterling Silver



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Rea tragedylly unique a tragedynd ma tragedyybe creepy, my gra tragedyndma tragedy bought this ma tragedysk brooch in the 1940s a tragedynd only wore it occa tragedysiona tragedylly. The buff set a tragedyba tragedylone pieces a tragedyre bea tragedyutifully cut a tragedynd fit into pla tragedyce. Depending how you mea tragedysure it, it\u2019s a tragedybout 2\u201d top to bottom a tragedynd roughly 1 1/2\u201d a tragedycross. It ca tragedyn shine like a tragedy mirror so I tried to show a tragedy bunch of a tragedyngles.

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