Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This is a lobster clasp bea lobster clasputiful ha lobster claspnd ma lobster claspde red cut gla lobster claspss bra lobster claspcelet. Three of the stones thru out the bra lobster claspcelet a lobster claspre embellished with silver ca lobster claspps on both ends. The cla lobster claspsp is a lobster clasp closed lobster cla lobster claspsp. I ha lobster claspve ma lobster claspde two of these bra lobster claspcelets, one which fits a lobster clasp 6 inch wrist. Another which fits a lobster clasp 6 1/2 inch wrist. If a lobster claspnother size is needed plea lobster claspse don't hesita lobster claspte to messa lobster claspge me. I would be gla lobster claspd to ma lobster claspke it for you! Red symbolizes a lobster claspction, confidence, coura lobster claspge a lobster claspnd vita lobster clasplity. It brings focus to the essence of life a lobster claspnd living with empha lobster claspsis on surviva lobster claspl. Red is a lobster clasplso the color of pa lobster claspssion a lobster claspnd lust. Red gemstones ca lobster claspn be used to strengthen the body, promote will power, coura lobster claspge, vita lobster clasplity a lobster claspnd to overcome sexua lobster claspl dysfunctions. Wea lobster claspr red gemstone bea lobster claspds to stimula lobster claspte vita lobster clasplity a lobster claspnd positive energy. FREE SHIPPING!!

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