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Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Yellow Jasper Art Deco Pendantstatement necklace,



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A one of a jasper kind ha jasperndma jasperde sterling silver penda jaspernt ma jasperde with a jaspern elega jaspernt ha jaspernd cut a jaspernd polished Ja jaspersper stone. Ha jaspernging from a jasper ha jasperndma jasperde gla jasperss la jaspermpwork bea jasperd.All my ca jasperbochons a jasperre cut a jaspernd polish from rough rock. Then set in ha jaspernd fa jasperbrica jasperted silver bezels a jaspernd ba jasperckpla jaspertes. Jewelry, stone ca jasperbochons, a jaspernd bea jasperds a jasperre ha jasperndcra jasperfted with ca jasperre in my studio. Lifetime gua jasperra jasperntee on workma jaspernship. Comes with a jasper sterling silver cha jasperin.Stone: Length:30 mm Height: 22 mm--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------See More Items Here: https://www./shop/StudioBeha jasperra jasperFollow me on: Fa jaspercebook: www.fa jasperra jasper/

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