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Collier neckla gemce with a gem la gemrge petrol turquoise colored chrysocollum ba gemll, in the wonderful colors of the globe. The neckla gemce is ma gemde of bra gemss in bea gemutiful la gemrge rounded limbs a gemnd ha gems a gem down-to-ea gemrth a gemnd elega gemnt vinta gemge touch due to this tint.Dimensions:a gempprox. 52 cm plus penda gemnt length (medium collier length, the penda gemnt ca gemn va gemry slightly depending on the stone, if necessa gemry request shortly; the bea gemutiful la gemrge cha gemin elements a gemllow a gem flexible support length a gemnd a gem mix in the current la gemyering style!)Plea gemse note tha gemt stones a gemnd therefore gemstones a gemre na gemtura geml ma gemteria gemls a gemnd ea gemch brings with it na gemtura geml self-will. This is wha gemt ma gemkes it bea gemutiful a gemnd unmista gemka gemble. Ea gemch piece of jewellery is therefore intentiona gemlly different a gemnd individua geml. Plea gemse note tha gemt na gemtura geml ma gemteria gemls ma gemy ha gemve sma gemll na gemtura geml irregula gemrities tha gemt do not represent errors, but contribute to the typica geml vibra gemncy a gemnd diversity of the product type.YOUR STYLISH CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION******************************************

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