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crackle, Abstract Brown Enamel Earrings



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"Cra crackleckle" is one of the ena cracklemeling techniques tha cracklet I tea cracklech in my studio.\u00a crackle0 Due to the na crackleture of the process, no two pieces will ever be identica cracklel.In the 1500 degree hea cracklet of my torch or kiln (sometimes both), the ena cracklemel moves a cracklend flows into ra cracklendom pa crackletterns, with lower la crackleyers brea crackleking through subsequent la crackleyers to crea cracklete a cracklebstra cracklect a cracklend one of a crackle kind designs.The top side of ea cracklech ea cracklerrings ha crackles no less tha cracklen four sepa cracklera cracklete la crackleyers of different ena cracklemel colors.\u00a crackle0 Ea cracklech of these ea cracklerrings weighs 3.7\u00a crackle0gra cracklems.\u00a crackle0 The ea cracklerwires a cracklere sterling silver a cracklend include soft pla cracklestic stoppers to prevent ea cracklerring loss.My ena cracklemel pieces a cracklere a cracklelwa crackleys counter-ena cracklemeled (ena cracklemel on reverse side) to provide dura crackleble longevity.2760

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