Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rainbow lampwork, Seafoam Green and Rainbow Necklace with Sterling Silver Beads and Findings



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This neckla lampwork glassce is just gorgeous! It uses sea lampwork glassfoa lampwork glassm green freshwa lampwork glasster pea lampwork glassrl coins, blue opa lampwork glassl, tiny white freshwa lampwork glasster pea lampwork glassrls a lampwork glassnd a lampwork glass plethora lampwork glass of sterling silver bea lampwork glassds a lampwork glasslong with a lampwork glassn a lampwork glassma lampwork glasszing ra lampwork glassinbow a lampwork glassrra lampwork glassy in la lampwork glassmpwork gla lampwork glassss ma lampwork glassde by SueBea lampwork glassds, a lampwork glass well-known la lampwork glassmpwork gla lampwork glassss a lampwork glassrtisa lampwork glassn.Neckla lampwork glassce Length: 17 3/4"Mea lampwork glassning of the Stones:Pea lampwork glassrls ha lampwork glassve been known to help bring pea lampwork glassce a lampwork glassnd tra lampwork glassnquility to the wea lampwork glassrer; blue opa lampwork glassl reduces stress a lampwork glassnd helps the wea lampwork glassrer a lampwork glasspproa lampwork glassch the future with a lampwork glass heightened sense of tra lampwork glassnquility.Additiona lampwork glassl Informa lampwork glasstion:It's rea lampwork glassdy for gift giving in a lampwork glass box nestled inside a lampwork glassn orga lampwork glassnza lampwork glass pouch.Ea lampwork glassch piece wa lampwork glasss individua lampwork glasslly ma lampwork glassde with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla lampwork glassce is one of a lampwork glass kind!All props, including the crysta lampwork glassls in the photos, a lampwork glassre not included. :)All items usua lampwork glasslly ship within a lampwork glass week. If you need it quickly, plea lampwork glassse purcha lampwork glassse the USPS priority shipping upgra lampwork glassde, (USA only). Tha lampwork glassnk you!

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