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amethyst hoops, EARRINGS - Faceted Green Amethyst Gemstones and Gold Geometric Triangle Hoop Earrings / February Birthday - Birthstone



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\u2661 Boho Lovely Green Amethyst a gemstone earringsnd Geometric Tria gemstone earringsngle Hoop Ea gemstone earringsrrings! \u2661~ Length - Tota gemstone earringsl length is a gemstone earringspprox 1.5 inches~ Ea gemstone earringsrring Ma gemstone earringsteria gemstone earringsls - The Ea gemstone earringsr hooks/hoops/wires a gemstone earringsre ma gemstone earringsde with Gold Pla gemstone earringsted Bra gemstone earringsss Wire (a gemstone earringspprox 1.5" x 1.5" a gemstone earringst the widest point) a gemstone earringsnd the stones a gemstone earringsre wire-wra gemstone earringspped with Gold Filled wire~ Ea gemstone earringsrring Bea gemstone earringsds - Lovely, shiny fa gemstone earringsceted genuine Green Amethyst nuggets (7-9mm)** For more pictures, mea gemstone earringssurements, etc. plea gemstone earringsse conta gemstone earringsct me via gemstone earrings this listing** Interna gemstone earringstiona gemstone earringsl customers, plea gemstone earringsse conta gemstone earringsct me for a gemstone earrings shipping quote

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